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Live Show and Auction Rules/Guidelines for Participation


Currently, we are conducting our Live Show and Auction via our Facebook page every other Friday at 7 PM. Check our Facebook page for the date of our next show. We hope that you will join us. Below describes how it works and what you need to do to participate.


o   To participate in our Live Show and Auction

  • We need to have your contact information on file
    • Name
    • Phone number
    • Mailing/billing address
    • Email address on file
  • If this is your first time to participate or you are not sure we have your contact information, please private message us with this information in addition to your payment preference
    • PayPal Invoice
    • Call us on Saturday between 10 and 2 with your credit card information
  • Also let us know if you will be picking up in the store or if you will need us to ship your order to you. (If you are a repeat customer, we should know this unless something has changed).
  • Please understand that if you request to purchase an item in a comment or bid on an auction item and win, you are expected to follow through with your purchase, so please be sure you want the item before commenting.
  • You will need to view the show from the Among Friends Quilt & Sewing Center’s Facebook page:
    • There is now a link to the video from our event page.  If you have trouble connecting from the event page, go directly to our Facebook page and look for it there.
    • Watching in Watch Parties is fun, but we won’t be able to see comments from Watch Parties, so if you are going to participate in the bidding and buying of product, you need to do that from our Among Friends Quilt and Sewing Center Facebook page.


o   How to Bid on Live Auction Items:

  • There will be an opening minimum bid amount
  • There will be a time limit of 2 minutes placed on the bidding
  • Bid increase by minimum of $2
  • Bids are placed by typing the word BID with the bid amount in the comment section. Example: BID $45
  • When the timer goes off, bidding must cease
  • Highest bidder wins (only bids that are time stamped under the buzzer will count).
  • We will not call winners during the show due to lag time, but will determine winner in the review according to time stamps
  • Winners will be posted in a FB post within 24 hours

o   How to Shop:

  • If you want to purchase an item, in the comment section:
    • type the Item ID and the word SOLD. Example: K5 Sold
    • If it is for fabric, please also include the number of yards that you want to purchase (sold in 1 yard increments). Example: F12 Sold 2 yds.

o   Order Processing

  • Saturday is spent creating invoices and cutting fabric.  If you haven't contacted us by 2 PM, no problem.  We will send a PayPal invoice that evening that you can pay using your PayPal account or major credit card that weekend.
  • Monday morning we will start processing orders.
  • Most orders will be ready by Tuesday afternoon.  If this is not the case, we will communicate that to you either by phone or in the PayPal invoice.  Items that were oversold in the show, but that can be reordered, will be. 

o   After Show Orders

  • You can place orders after the show, but to take advantage of the special pricing, you need to do it before midnight that same day.
  • Comments on the Live video will be checked Saturday morning for those late orders
  • Please understand that orders submitted during the show are entered first and we may run out of some items.

Please Note:  Giveaways, share prizes and auctions are only available for participation during the live broadcast.  Orders placed after the live broadcast on the same day by midnight, will be processed and sale prices (if applicable) will still be honored as long as those items were not sold out during the live show.

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  • Sunday and Monday: Closed
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